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Selected Testimonials

Selected Testimonials for Adam Phillips, NYC Wedding Officiant, Minister & Celebrant…



“Personal, Spiritual and In-Depth”  We were incredibly lucky to find Adam to officiate our wedding.  We wanted to have a ceremony that brought in what is important to us in life. A ceremony that made space for spirituality and tradition, without locking it into one particular belief system. Adam was able to create all of this.  He was open to every suggestion we had, while also being active with suggestions. The ceremony was a true reflection of us…. (Anna G., New York NY)

“He Brought Impeccable Serenity, Wisdom and Beauty to Our Wedding”

Adam is a beautiful person with ability to see the unrecognized characteristics of your love to one another and present that with such care and sophistication during your wedding.You would love to hear him talk about his interpretation of your love and listen to his wisdom during your ceremony. Adam brought an impeccable serenity and beauty to our wedding. We wanted a spiritual ceremony with positive energy at a peaceful setting and we got the best of our wishes. (Yagmur K., Brooklyn NY)

Personal and Caring”  From our first meeting my husband and I knew that we wanted to ask Adam to officiate at our weddings. Adam made it a point to find out what it was that drew my future husband and I together and why the two of us wanted to be legally married. At the ceremony itself Adam included a spiritual aspect to the joining of two men in love. This bonding became more than a legal contract it became a loving declaration to the universe.  If you are looking for someone not just to officiate but to celebrate your new partnering, do not hesitate to meet with Adam. (Homer, New York NY)

“Amazing Celebrant”  “… Adam is the most amazing [wedding] Celebrant!  He provided us with simple and beautiful vows and performed our ceremony with genuine love and care.  We will be eternally thankful for his being part of our quaint wedding, and we would recommend his services to anyone who need to celebrate any occasion.” (Theresa and Luke, Australia)

“Excellent Wedding (for our blended family)!”  We wanted a small intimate wedding with personalized vows. Adam made a wonderful suggestion to have vows made to my 12-yr old son as well. Including our son in the ceremony brought everyone even closer. My husband then also made our son Best Man, and it made this happy event all the warmer and special for us, and for our very close family and friends attending. It was the memorable wedding we wanted.

“Elevates the Mundane into the Meaningful “… Adam Phillips has an uncanny ability to elevate the mundane into a deeply meaningful event… for my community, friends, and family members through a series of lovely, interactive, rituals which I will never forget….”  (Lisa L., New York, NY)

“Warm, Thoughtful, Understanding” “Adam worked with us to create a special ceremony…. His warmth, thoughtfulness and understanding helped us build a framework which we used to communicate (our) wishes and promises. How wonderful to have Adam’s guiding spirit!”  (Jessica S., Brooklyn NY)

“It was perfect. The (interfaith) wedding I always wanted.” “My family is Muslim and Shelton’s is Christian. Shelton and I are spiritual but do not practice either religion. The thought of looking for someone that could represent and incorporate all of our backgrounds was overwhelming. In stepped Adam. Adam created the perfect balance of our commitment to each other, our families and our community with our humor peppered in. It was perfect, the wedding I always wanted and didn’t think I could have and I am eternally grateful to him…” (Mrs. Shelton G., Brooklyn NY)

Openness Itself  “… Adam is openness itself.  His humanity, simplicity and grace helped to create a space where the most private feelings could find safe expression.” (Annette B., New York, NY)

“Ritual that Embodied the Essence of What was Needed” “With Adam’s patience, intelligence, generosity, encouragement, wisdom and support, together we created a ritual that touched me deeply and embodied the essence of what was needed.  Thank you Adam!” (Deborah R., Woodstock, NY)

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