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Your Wedding Ceremony: The Heart & Soul of Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your engagement!

When you and your loved one marry, you enter into a new and exalted state of being together. That is why such this life transition in life has been celebrated with joyful and meaningful ceremonies in every culture since the dawn of time.

Yet, every wedding is different, just like the unique and precious relationship you share with your Beloved.

Depending on what you choose, we will work together to create a wedding ceremony that fully expresses your love, commitment and your most deeply cherished values.

As your Non-Denominational Minister, Officiant and celebrant, I am honored to offer you the support, knowledge and resources needed to craft and design a wedding ceremony that is distinctly and soulfully yours.

My extensive training and experience enables me to bring calm, effectiveness and joy to the creation and delivery of your wedding ceremony – the heart and soul of your wedding day.

And my three decades of experience as an award-winning journalist, my training as a peer counselor and personal life experience make me a great listener and sounding board for your ideas, and the skills to bring them into gorgeous reality.

Vow Renewals and Special Anniversaries too!

Couples who have been married or committed to each other for some time often wish to refresh and re-affirm their shared lives and common path with a renewal of vows.  Sometimes a significant anniversary is chosen as the proper time. For others, it just “feels right” to strengthen and celebrate the bond when, for example, the children leave home, or when a shared goal has been reached or a challenge overcome.  I can help make these and other milestone moments memorable.

I invite you to learn more about  who I am and what I do.