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Health and Healing

Beginning or Ending Medical Treatment

Illness can be frightening and turbulent event in anyone’s life. Still, your emotional, psychological and spiritual state profoundly affects how challenges such as surgery, chemotherapy, convalescence or rehabilitation are encountered and dealt with. Ceremonies of well-wishing and blessing for healing and serenity that include loved ones (and, when desired, health-care providers) are a way to smooth the path, establish perspective, and give hope, courage and commitment during difficult times. I can facilitate these in the home, in a hospital, in a natural setting or in almost any other venue.

Coping with Disability
Becoming permanently or temporarily disabled can be accepted or resisted. I can help design ceremonies that solemnize your attitudes and intentions, whatever they are.

Terminating Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and analysis are significant, often heroic journeys. When a level of insight, understanding and inner growth has been achieved and the time has come to terminate therapy and move on, I can help design a ceremony that includes the patient, the therapist and other parties.

Recovery from Trauma, Loss and Grief

3028955-lgEvery human life is subject to trauma and loss of many kinds. The loss of a loved one, an automobile accident, being the victim of a robbery or another crime, even disappointments over love or work are often experienced as emotional wounds. I can help design personalized ceremonies which acknowledge trauma and loss through words, poetry, music and ritual acts, and help pave the way for healing and renewed wholeness.

Ceremonies of Recovery and Health

A ceremony after healing and recovery have been achieved, where you formally wish for wholeness, well-being and ongoing health is a wonderful way to bring closure to the challenges that have been met, and affirm the wisdom and other gifts the ordeal has brought you and your loved ones. I can design ceremonies that open a new life chapter.