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Other Ceremonies

In every life, there are significant moments of transition and transformation. When you note them with meaningful ceremonies, you send a message to yourself, your community and the world at large that an important change is occurring, and that it truly matters.

Life CeremoniesThat is why I custom-design ceremonies that acknowledge and celebrate all aspects of the life-cycle, whether they are joyous or challenging, or both.

Whether we are coming of age, getting married, welcoming a new baby into our lives, getting married, getting divorced, renewing a commitment, changing careers, blessing a home, searching for healing, retiring, or at the end of life, marking life’s milestones is an ancient instinct that finds unique expression in every culture.

In our culture, it is necessary to mark these moments in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals. These ceremonies help satisfy our yearning for meaning in the presence of our loved ones, and connect us to the larger rhythms of time and nature.

I specialize in creating ceremonies that are spiritual without being limited to the traditions of any religion, or that incorporate the traditions of several faiths, or none, completely in my client’s own “language.” That is the calling and commitment underlying my multi-faith ministry and Celebrancy practice. Here is a sampling of testimonials from clients in the past.

Whatever your significant milestone is, it is my role, and my honor, to work closely with you to discuss your needs and goals, and then to write, choreograph and officiate at a ceremony at a venue of your choice.

Please visit the category links under “SOME EXAMPLES” to see a sampling of ceremonies at which I am adept; each page describes specific ceremonies in those categories. Please feel free to contact me to discuss any ceremony idea that is not listed or described.   Thank you!

Adam’s talk on poetry and ceremony at the
Celebrant Foundation and Institute.