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Separation and Divorce

The decision to separate or divorce is an event nearly as momentous as the decision to marry in terms of its effect on the two spouses, their children (if any) and other family members and social relationships.  A ceremony that marks this milestone by acknowledging the past and the separation that is now occurring can help mitigate the pain and disappointment that can accompany divorce, and set the tone for a brighter future less encumbered by what was.

Just as marriages differ, so must divorces, and any ceremonies attendant on them must be sensitively designed.  Sometimes it is appropriate for only one spouse to be present, sometimes both.  Family members and friends may or may not attend.  Religiously-based divorce elements such as a “get” or a “talaq” may be incorporated, or not. As a multi-faith minister and celebrant, it is my job to work with you to design ceremonies that work specifically for your situation and concerns.