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Testimonials for Other Ceremonies

Testimonials for Adam Phillips, NYC Life-Cycle Celebrant…

“… Adam Phillips has an uncanny ability to elevate the mundane into a deeply meaningful event. For a party celebrating my 45th birthday, he helped me transform my view of my myself and the contributions I’ve made to my community, friends, and family members through a series of lovely, interactive, rituals which I will never forget….”

Lisa L.
New York, NY

“Adam worked with us to create a special naming ceremony that was part of our son’s bris. His warmth, thoughtfulness and understanding helped us build a framework which we used to communicate wishes and promises to our beautiful new baby. How wonderful to have Adam’s guiding spirit as we introduced our son to his family and community!”

Jessica S.
Brooklyn NY

“… Adam is openness itself. During a time of anxiety, sadness and grief over the death of a loved one, he helped me to create a personal ritual that was openness itself. His humanity, simplicity and grace helped to create a space where my most private feelings could find safe expression.”

Annette B.
New York, NY

“… I called Adam to help me navigate a difficult passage in my life, hoping that a ritual might be helpful. I was unsure about creating something that would encompass what seemed like such a complex and challenging issue. With Adam’s patience, intelligence, generosity, encouragement, wisdom and support, together we created a ritual that touched me deeply and embodied the essence of what was needed. I received much more than I ever expected. Thank you Adam!”

Deborah R.
Woodstock, NY

“… You were wonderful in crafting a special ritual for me to mark the end of a long creative project. It really gave me a sense that I could put this task behind me and cleared the way for me to go on to the next one. I had never thought of marking such an event with a ritual, but I am glad I did. For my friends and me it made all the difference!”

Christopher P.
New York, NY